Reimbursement health insurance 2022

In 2022, The Practice will offer insured care within the general basic mental health care system. These treatments are usually reimbursed by the health insurer. Always inquire with your own health insurance company before you start treatment at The Practice. If you contact your insurer, it is useful to have this information at hand: AGB Code setting: 94065363

We have contracts with: DSW Zorgverzekeraar, Stad Holland Zorgverzekeraar, inTwente Zorgverzekeraar, Menzis Zorgverzekeraar, AnderZorg, VGZ, Bewuzt, UnitedConsumers, Univé, Zekur, UMC Zorgverzekering, IZA,De IZZ Zorgverzekering door VGZ, SZVK, Zorgzaam, National Academic, Besured, Promovendum, Zilveren Kruis Zorgverzekeringen, Interpolis, FBTO Zorgverzekeringen, De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar, ZieZo, ProLife Zorgverzekeringen, One Underwriting BV, Eno, Salland Zorgverzekeringen, HollandZorg, Zorgdirect, Caresq, EUCARE, Aevitae, ASR, ASR Basis Ziektekostenverzekeringen, Ditzo, OWM Zorgverzekeraar Zorg en Zekerheid, Zorg en Zekerheid, AZVZ

We have no contracts with: CZ  and ONVZ in 2022 (in this case we can still provide treatment, but then clients have to pay the treatment in advance).
We have no contracts with CZ  and ONVZ cooperatives in 2022. If you are insured here, you will receive a monthly invoice and a payment link from The Practice. The rate we use for this is the usual NZA rate. It is useful to see whether another practice with a contract with these health insurers is cheaper. Please contact your health insurer for this.

Health insurance not reimbursed by most insurances 2022

  • Treatment session Relationship Therapy   (per 60 minutes)  costs  €145,20
  • Treatment session Family Therapy             (per 60 minutes)   costs €145,20

No Dutch Health Insurance?

Because The Practice works with a lot of expats, some have no Dutch Health Insurance. You are welcome at The Practice!

Cancel appointment

If you are forced to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please contact The Practice 24 hours before the appointment starts, I will not charge you any costs. See terms and conditions.



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