About us

Maarten van der Linde is the founder of The Practice.

Maarten is a mental health psychologist, relationship- and familytherapist. In addition, Maarten teaches, conducts a PHD research and is a founder of the successful start-up Parents Inc.

Experienced Therapist

Maarten has a lot of experience working with couples, families and individual therapy. He worked in different mental health hospitals, with in- and outpatients with a variation of psychological and relational problems.


Maarten works with a variety of psychological and systemic methods. But the main question is always¬† what the client wants en ‘clicks’ with. A lot of psychologist are very strict in following protocol. Maarten puts the wishes of the clients upfront and he seeks evidence based methods that will fit the clients.

High customer rating

Maarten gets a high customer rating, a 9 on a scale of 0 to 10. He works with a evidence based method named Feedback Informed Treatment. This means he uses routine outcome measurements to perfect effectiveness. Research shows that if a therapist is able to join the client and their preferences for the therapy, the therapy is much more effective.