Maarten van der Linde






Maarten is the founder of The Practice. He is a passionate mental health psychologist, relationship- and familytherapist, EMDR Therapist and Hypnotherapist. In addition, Maarten teaches, conducts a PHD research and is a founder of the successful start-up Parents Inc.

AGB Code instelling: 94065363 | AGB Code gz-psycholoog: 94106779 | BIG Registratienummer: 89926992725 

Femke Lunter (on Fridays)








Femke Lunter is a healthcare psychologist, specialized in (neuro)psychodiagnostics, supervises diagnostics, is a play therapist, cognitive behavioral therapist VGCT, schema therapist and EMDR therapist. She is also a professional classical musician.

AGB Code gz-psycholoog: 94106813 BIG-registratienummer: 19926985225

Suzanne Savenije (Wednesdays and Fridays)








Suzanne Savenije is an experienced therapist, working as a health care psychologist and specialized  EMDR therapist practitioner and (prospective) schema therapist. Core values for Suzanne are equality, compassion and kindness and she also uses these in the therapeutic relationship.

AGB Code gz-psycholoog: 94108914 BIG Registratienummer: 69929087625