Practice for Relationship, Individual and Family therapy for Hilversum and surroundings: Result-oriented, Clear and Decisive.

We work with couples, adults, adolescents and families. We are a private practice of licensed therapists in the heart of Hilversum -a 20 minute drive from Utrecht, Amersfoort or the rest of 't Gooi. We are looking forward to scheduling your appointment.

Free 30 minute introductory meeting

The Therapeutic “Click” is Essential

It’s not easy to find a therapist that fits. We want for you to be able to feel at the right place. That’s why we offer a free introductory meeting.

Treatment Possibilities at The Practice?

We provide an empathetic, competent environment and specialize in treating a wide range of concerns, such as relationship troubles within couples or families but also depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, life-crisis, and burnout. Our goal is to enable your mental growth and development. We work a lot within the expat community in the region.

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If you have a question about the treatment options, do not hesitate to contact us.

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During the conversations, your stories will be listened to carefully.


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Do you worry a lot? Do you suffer from anxiety or depressive feelings?



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The practice offers family therapy. This is also referred to as family or system therapy.



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How we work.

Good therapy is in our knowledge and experience always custom made. We do use evidence based treatment methods. Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Treatment, EMDR, Systemic (Family & Couples) Therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy, Feedback Informed Treatment etc. etc. At the end of each session we ask feedback about the therapy. Scientific research shows that if the methods being used ‘click’ with the client, the effectiveness of the therapy enhances.

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Owner of the practice

Maarten van der Linde

Practice founder Maarten van der Linde is a mental health psychologist, system therapist, PHD researcher and teacher (including at the VU University Amsterdam) and Maarten is also an entrepreneur; he is a founder of Parents Inc.

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What clients say

We thought it was great that you didn't just go with everything with us. You have encouraged us. And that's what your parents need. Far too often we have followed the flow of our child. Someone who has an overview and thinks along. I thought that was very good. That drive to emotionalize and not just put that hand on the shoulder

The conversations helped me a lot. I have learned to help myself. I now have every confidence that I can do it myself. And that was different in the beginning. I am able to tackle my own problems.

We got through it and we were tired of fighting. We had also seen many psychologists. Finally a good psychologist who was able to provide insight into our problems. We have learned to tackle ourselves. We have learned a lot! It was not an easy process, but we even laughed a lot despite everything.


Live contact is paramount!
A no-obligation introductory meeting of half an hour is free.

The practice is located in the center of Hilversum and is approximately a 20-minute drive from Utrecht, Amersfoort and the rest of ‘t Gooi.

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The Practice
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1217 LD Hilversum

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